iPad 6 Screen Repair

That iPad 6 still has plenty of life left in it, but the glass screen broke. Okay, take a deep breath and close your eyes, imagine you are taking a stroll down the Lake Weatherford Boardwalk for a moment. Now open your eyes and realize, we can fix your iPad 6 glass screen while you wait! I suppose if you wanted you could even just drop it off with us and go take that stroll down the boardwalk and come back and it will be ready for you! Seriously though, we can fix your iPad 6 Glass screen in minutes, and the next best part is we repair your iPad 6 Screen for just $129.99!

Step By Step iPad 6 Glass Screen Repair

Take a look below and you can see step by step how we perform an iPad 6 screen repair by replacement of the glass at Cell Phone Repair Weatherford